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  1. Tell me more about your transcription service.

    We carefully convert audio recordings/dictation into practical hardcopies in the medical, legal, academic and business sectors. Transcripts can be prepared either strict verbatim or intelligent verbatim in both French and English. All audio is passed through noise reduction filters and enhancement software to ensure optimal clarity thus producing high quality transcripts. Documents are prepared, proofed/edited, professionally formatted and cover paged for a stellar presentation.

  2. Tell me more about your proofing/editing service.

    This service is useful for clients who have existing documents but require proofreading/editing support to ensure accuracy and optimum readability. Documents will be scanned and corrected for accurate spelling, grammar and language style. This service is available in both French and English.

  3. Tell me more about your translation service.

    This is our newest branch of service! We translate documents in a variety of different languages, for example, we will convert a French report into the English language or German meeting minutes into Spanish. All documents are translated strict verbatim using state-of-the-art software.

  4. Tell me more about your handwritten material conversion service.

    We convert handwritten material into professionally formatted text. This service is useful for note-taking students, compiled memoirs or clients requiring handwritten notes to be formatted and typed for a professional presentation.

  5. Tell me more about your SRT support service.

    This service is ideal for clients who already use speech recognition technology but require additional support to handle the proofreading/ corrections associated with using automated technology. We will quickly proof your documents ensuring proper format and correcting errors.

  6. Tell me more about your invoicing process.

    A detailed invoice will accompany your completed project. Upon final project inspection and approval, we request payment within 7 days. Bi-weekly and monthly payment arrangements are available for regular service users.

  7. What forms of payment does CTS accept?

    We gratefully accept e-Interac, cheque, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover Card.
  8. How do I request service?

    The best way to request service is via email. We will review your request and contact you as soon as possible. If you would like a service quote, simply email project information and we will forward one the sameday!

  9. How does the process work?

    After finalizing project details, clients forward their materials electronically or via courier. We carefully prepare documents to meet your specifications and return within your deadline. All information is considered confidential and handled accordingly.

  10. Is timestamping available?

    Yes. Transcript timestamping is available at an additional charge.

  11. How much will my project cost?

    Projects are calculated per audio minute based on your turnaround requirement. Please refer to our services page for turnaround options or email us any specific questions. We would be happy to provide a service quote. All quotes are guaranteed and always honoured!
  12. Are you willing to sign a confidentiality agreement or contract?

    Yes. Many of our clients require us to sign confidentiality agreements and contracts; however, all information is always handled with the utmost respect for privacy. Contracts will be reviewed by our legal consultant and returned promptly. All information is transmitted and stored using enhanced security measures.  We possess Government of Canada enhanced security clearance.

  13. Tell me more about upcoming services available soon.

    CTS is currently under expansion to provide on-site real time transcription. An experienced qualified transcriber will attend your event/meeting and provide real time transcription/minute-taking services. As well, we will soon offer on-site French-English/English-French interpretation/translation services!
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